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The California B & B Corps is a uniform club of men with mutual interest and respect for Boots and Breeches as worn by police motor officers. In 2008 The Corps celebrated its 40th anniversary.

The longest established uniform club in the US, the B & B Corps began in 1968 in Los Angeles. The Corps presently has Divisions in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Palm Springs.

The Corps sponsors club and public events throughout the year in the greater LA, SF, and PS areas. This web site is used to disseminate information about these events.

Q: What is the CA B&B Corps?

A: The California B&B Corps is a fraternal, community service, and philanthropic organization composed of men who share a mutual interest in men in uniform.

Q: What does “B&B” stand for?

A: Boots and Breeches, key uniform components.

Q: What kind of community service?

A: The California B&B Corps sponsors numerous beer busts and uniform related events statewide; and the San Francisco Division sponsors “San Francisco Roll Call,” an annual uniform banquet attended by up to one hundred men in uniform at the Presidio of San Francisco.

Q: What kind of philanthropy?

A: The CA B&B Corps’ San Francisco Division has raised tens of thousands of dollars over the past decade benefiting Project Open Hand.

Q: How many members?

A: Statewide, approximately 40 active members. The San Francisco Division has 13 active members.

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